Proud to provide great care.

We at Pacific Caregivers for Seniors are committed to the quality of life for the seniors which we serve. We are a service organization and partner agency with two offices, located in San Francisco Bay and East Bay, CA. Our quality of services is a non-medical senior concierge and in home care services.

We communicate, listen, observe, and respond proactively, and we’re a caring organization creating ongoing communication with families and their loved ones.

A future where all elders are well care for, and families will be an important part of their lives. Providing a safety community for them and be united to break the cycle of loneliness and abuse for our elderly population.

My story unfolds......

By Kelly Gonzales

Pacific Caregivers for Seniors was created with a mission for change, improving the quality of life with affordability, giving back to seniors in the community with volunteer work and to deeply care for each senior providing an excellent care, as a result families will have peace of mind and creating a peaceful environment for seniors and people with disabilities in their own home.

My name is Kelly Gonzales, and I am the founder of Pacific Senior Care Services Co, and the Co-Founder and CEO of Pacific Caregiver​s for Seniors Inc.

On 2015, I began my career in the senior and healthcare industry, launching Pacific Senior Care Services.

An elderly care service agency located in Northern California. I have been very blessed beyond words, and I thank God for letting me take a leap of faith in this new industry 6 years ago. We have been awarded and recognized all these years from different organizations. Finding my purpose in life was so rewarding all these years, helping families and people in need, positioning myself as an advocate with any senior resource for the elderly community.

My story unfolds in 1989, looking back at my life as a young woman immigrated from a beautiful country, Peru. I brought with me the riches of all the fortunes, my beliefs. The best in me was the values and the foundation my parents gave me back home, and with that I had to make the best of it. I know dreams come true if you have faith and work hard to get it with a lot of passion and dedication, no matter of the doubt's others put on you in the beginning of something new. 

My father was the most inspirational person in my life, my hero, who showed me tenacity, perseverance and strength all along this journey. He helped me to embrace who I am and to never forget where I came from. So, I started from ground zero in this country putting back myself to college and working in different capacities throughout my life, from cashier, salesperson, debt collector, loan advisor then in the financial industry in many capacities from banker to bank manager to becoming now a woman entrepreneur. For me, titles did not matter much in my life, because at the end of the day you need to be proud of who you are as a person. I always gave the best of me in every job I had in my career, because I was thankful to have the opportunity to work, learned and provide for my family.

I know God help me to get where I am now. I owe God everything.

Now after one year of working on this new partner-company finally is here. This new caregiving agency is going to be in honor to my father M.D. Luis Arnaldo Gonzales Reyes. His passing last year was very painful to me, but​ I was so blessed to spend time with him on Christmas. I adore him so much and this change in my personal life make me realized that I needed to take this new journey and opportunity this year. 

 Pacific Senior Care Services will be a full-service agency with the best of both services, providing senior placement and caregiving services- with Pacific Caregivers for Seniors. 

We are also expanding and opening our second location in San Francisco Bay to provide both services with many resources.

Another leap of faith, but this time going with the expertise and collaboration of a partnership and a wonderful team. We are so thrilled for all of you to become part of our new family and service organization Pacific Caregivers for Seniors.

@ Your Service.

Kelly Gonzales



Kelly Gonzales
Chief Executive Officer


Ms. Kelly Gonzales is a former Regional Manager for an in-home health service in Northern California.

Marketing Director for a senior living community in San Francisco Bay Area,

 Mrs. Gonzales is a Founding Director of Pacific Senior Care Services LLC. in Northern California since 2014.

She was honored to receive for 5 consecutive years The Best Senior Care Organization Awards from 2015 to 2020

Our Company received the 5th annual Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards in the category "Best Elder Care Placement Services Provider 2020" - Northern California

Evangeline Leon 
Marketing Manager

Mrs. Evangeline graduated from San Thomas- University as a pharmacist in 1983.  She was a district manager for a medical company for 10 years.

She also acquired her RCFE administration license and work as an administrator in an elderly care facility for 10 years.

Mrs. Evangeline worked as a marketer for an in- home health agency.

She is working as a care coordinator and marketer for the Greater Bay in Sf.

Shes devoted to her family, and her children residing in San Francisco.

She is joining this office working as a Marketing Manager and trainer for our caregivers and staff.

Karli Aguirre
Administrative Officer


Mrs. Aguirre attended 

The Art Institute of San Francisco to Major: in Fashion Marketing - 2014.

While attending school, she worked- part time at a Senior Community as an office assistant and activity coordinator.

 She attended Diablo College to pursue her associate on science in the medical field., completing her training with a medical doctor in sports medicine. She worked with a MD -in internal medicine and in urgent care in Oakland, CA 

Currently, she works as an office manager for the company, and her new position is administrative officer with Pacific Caregivers working closely with management.

Claudia and Sierra

Office Team

They are our wonderful front office receptionists. We called them, our Intelligent Team. 

In 2015, they joined Pacific Senior Care Services, and now they are joining forces to be the intake team for Pacific Caregivers for seniors.

We are very thrilled to start this new journey!

Help the world to be better, make it a little better.

We would love to give back to the community, offering 3 hours at no charge to a senior in need in a monthly basis.